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Tuesday 5am- 75 minutes and 6:30pm 90 minutes.
Thursday  6:30pm 90 minutes.
Saturday 5am 2 hour ride. 7:15am 2 hour ride

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Group Computrainer Classes

Cycle Logic is West Michigan’s premier indoor cycling studio, a high-tech indoor riding and coaching program. 

The indoor cycling training series will prepare cyclists and triathletes for a full season of training and competition through an established system of workouts that take place inside on state-of-the-art Computrainer© units. The advanced indoor multi-rider set-up allows the riders and coach to monitor, via digital screens, individual power (wattage), speed, distance ridden, caloric expenditure, and other metrics.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Take your workouts to the next level!  Train harder!  Recover faster! Feel better! Try hyperbaric oxygen therapy today. Are you fitness fanatics looking for the energy boost that you need during your workouts?  Do you feel sluggish or fatigued on days after a hard workout?  Are you training for a fun or competitive event or race?  Whatever your fitness goals are, the key to improving your athletic performance may be Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)! How does HBOT work?  Well, normally when we breathe in air (usually at sea level), the oxygen contained within must travel from our lungs down into our bloodstream and be absorbed by our cells.  However, our cells are only able to absorb about 25% of the oxygen that is contained in our blood.  More importantly,  organelles inside our cells called mitochondria use this oxygen to create ATP, which is energy is in its purest form.  When inside an inflatable hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the pressure of the chamber forces oxygen into our lungs, bloodstream and cells.  Absorption rates inside cells increases from 25% to 40-50%, thereby increasing the load of available oxygen to mitochondria and enhancing energy production.  In fact, only 50% of our energy comes from the fats, carbohydrates and protein that we eat on a daily basis.  In order for our bodies to make this stored energy usable, our cells must convert this energy into molecules of ATP using oxygen. The idea for HBOT and athletic performance was originally developed through scuba diving when divers reported feeling refreshed and invigorated, even after surfacing.  Some even noted that their joint stiffness disappeared and that their focus became very sharp.  Today, medical studies on the healing properties of HBOT have triggered this therapy’s growth beyond the diving world. HBOT has been proven beneficial for not only athletic performance, but also a wide range of diseases.  These include: stroke, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  It also can help individuals recovering from any type of surgery (plastic, reconstructive) as it facilitates wound healing. There are many expected benefits of HBOT, which include:

  • Increase of oxygen to tissues 25 times normal levels
  • Stimulates production of body stem cells
  • Boosts immune function and increases ability to fight infection
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Promotes regeneration of injured tissues
  • Reduces fatigue from chronic inadequate oxygen supply to cells and tissues
  • Reduces jet lag related fatigue
  • Decreases ligament healing time
  • Successfully treats traumatic and ischemic brain injuries, like strokes

As mentioned above, professional and amateur athletes alike are now using HBOT to help them recover and gain a competitive edge.

Recovery Boots

Recovery Boots which uses Sequential Pulse Technology starting at the toes and working up through the leg. The compression will flush the blood and lactic acid out of your legs back up to your heart. This allows your body to process the lactic acid through your organs.  You will leave with lighter, fresh legs allowing you to train harder sooner.

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